Hello There!

G’day! Greetings,  Hello, Hi, Howdy,  Ahoy there! (and for my more gangsta friends… Yo!)

This here is my blog!

As you can imagine it’s all very exciting!!

Check it: even Liz is excited about L.J's new blog!

So let’s have a little meet and greet shall we! I’m L.J and I’ve been floating around the planet mainly in Melbourne, Australia since 1982.  Due to the fact that I am so interesting and active (see also: boring and have no life) I figured a blog about me and what I see happening in life was in order.

Chances are you’ll get updates on my exciting happenings as a highschool teacher (this is where the no life part comes into play), and you’ll also get my occasional rant and excitable discoveries!

So stay tuned cause this is either gonna be a blast!  …or a train wreck!

But either way someone’s gonna have fun on here!


2 Responses to “Hello There!”

  1. Nice to see you, girl. Welcome!!

  2. woohoo! 🙂

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