Packing, Priorities and Procrastination


I’m about to travel again! I know it’s a messy business this thing called “life” but as long as I’m here I’m gonna give as many things as I can a good crack before I depart this earth for the big snack bar in the sky. See I have this theory that I’m not going to live to an old age, so it only makes sense to do as many things as I can before the fella in the long cloak with the big stick sneaks up on me to send me on my way. So working on this theory means that the worst thing that can happen is that I get proven wrong and live to be old… and hopefully well travelled, amongst other things.

So lets see… this time I’m off to Cambodia and I’ve actually got a bit of a mission to complete this time around, see last time it was just sight seeing and getting in touch with my genetic history and eating good food and laughing lots, and I managed to do all of that so it was a successful mission all around really. This time though, I’ve got some serious challenges coming my way.

I’ve got the challenge of experiencing a 3rd world country first hand for the first time. This means a whole bunch of things to me, it means my 5 senses will probably be assaulted with the reality of what a day in the life of a Cambodian villager is, and I have a feeling I’ll probably be comparing their lifestyle with my own and finding my “things” are really of no moment in comparison. It also means that we can put into action our group’s goal (I’m travelling with 20+ people from work) of raising funds and purchasing bicycles for every child in one of the villages that we will be visiting. The experience will probably be as rewarding as it is confronting.

However before I depart I need to go through the 3 steps of preparation that are becoming ritual in everything travel related that I do (whether it’s a school camp or a holiday)… Packing, Priorities and Procrastination. This is how it works… basically I pack some stuff, write a random list of what my priorities are prior and during the trip and then spend the rest of my time procrastinating instead of actually doing anything meaningful. Guess which part I’m up to? Well I’m updating my blog so yeap you guessed it… I have nothing better to do with my time therefore I must be procrastinating!

I packed one sports-bag with my belongings (clothes, toiletries, swimwear, footwear and makeup). I’ve packed one onboard bag with my camera, powercables, books and ipod. Now all I have to do is pack the clothing we’re donating into a smaller bag to go in luggage as well. I made my random priorities list which reads as follows:

  • Call Credit-card company and alert them regarding being over seas (I’m with ANZ and I don’t want them sending the “Falcon” after me)
  • Ensure there is a supply of chocolate at home for when I return (jet-lag assitance and preparation for easter… after all don’t want chocolate shock… you know when you eat lots after not having some for a while…)
  • Call phone company regarding international roaming (I don’t make/take calls overseas, I take my phone as my mobile PC)
  • Fresh sheets on bed for return (probably will sleep until next holiday break when I return)
  • Clear memory cards for camera, need photos of Angkor and tarantula snacks… amongst other things….
  • Speaking of photos, get additional passport photo done for VISA to enter Cambodia via Vietnam
  • Explain to mum again… the departure time, arrival times and point out the itinerary on the fridge again…
  • Print and actually place itinerary on the fridge…
  • Complete readings… especially those regarding current history of Cambodia (to compare with own opinion when I get there)
  • Exchange AU $ to US $ in airport upon departure


So in the next couple of days I’ll probably play the xbox, eat chocolate and fluff around the house and then somehow all these things I really should be doing will also get done.

My next post will be when I return from Cambodia!! 😀


ciao for now!


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