I want to write…

I want to write.

I know this because I find myself doing it all the time. If I’m not writing I’m doodling.  There is however a problem… I have a short attention span… I start a story and then I get distracted (work, housework, life) and when I come back to it, I don’t know how to pick up where I left off. So I guess I need to develop some kind of discipline… however I find myself wondering, do I need discipline to develop good discipline?

I feel inspired to write, yet I get disheartened when I make such rookie mistakes (for example I once got through 3 chapters before realising I was only meant to use the ‘ not the ” quotation marks when typing what people say… *groan* ).

However I think I’ve got it all sorted now and so I’m starting my new story. I want to write something, and then try to convert it into a script (lawd help me now). As I write, I find myself wanting to share this fictional story with people and yet another part of me acts guarded, it’s like a group consultation is going on in my head. “Don’t share it, people will steal your ideas.” and “Don’t share it, people will laugh at you/smirk at you/feel concerned about you/reveal to you how lame it is.” and “It’s good to share, you’ll get heaps of ideas and support go for it!”

One silly idea I got was to write my story and post each chapter as a blog entry… I soon decided against that when I realised how long some of the chapters of some of my stories are (yes by plural it means I have more than one story happening at once… scary hey?). Although, if I post a chapter a blog post… it could force me to continue my story… especially if some poor sucker starts reading it and commenting on the entries. I’ll have to think about this option some more…


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