My Top 50 Awesome Things!

These are few of my favourite things:


50. The smell of new paper

49. Finding an extra few dollars in the couch

48. Peeling a hard boiled egg and getting a big chunk of the shell in one go

47. Finding an album you forgot you had from years ago

46. The little oily crunchy chips you get from the fish & chip shop

45. When your music player is on shuffle yet it reads your mind!

44. The feeling when you go for a shot (in any sport) and it gets executed to perfection!

43. Gel pens

42. Real deep laughter with friends and not remembering what started the laughing

41. Catching something you drop before realising it was all reflexes

40. Being the only one who can open the tight lid of a jar

39. Seeing old people holding hands

38. Laughing at a stranger with another stranger

37. Getting a free run to work

36. Randomly flicking channels on TV and finding the start of a favourite movie

35. A cat’s purr

34. Doing something good for someone else without being asked

33. Storm clouds in the background and yet your area is drenched in sunshine

32. That moment when you look at your friend and they know exactly what you’re thinking and you both just grin

31. When the little green man lights up just as you walk up to the intersection that you need to cross.

30. Reminiscing with old friends

29. Being the only one who knows the answer to a trivia question

28. The tranquil feeling you get swimming underwater

27. Trying something new with a friend and laughing about how well it’s all going

26. Ordering a meal and it turns out to be a lot better than you could ever imagine

25. Blowing bubbles

24. Surprising someone

23. Snuggling up to someone

22. Camping in at the movies with popcorn and a giant drink

21. Eating something unusual and having everyone comment

20. Finally peeing after holding it in for ages

19. Ordering something online and forgetting that you did only to get a surprise package in the mail.

18. Searching the biscuit barrel and finding a lone Tim Tam at the bottom

17. Having a hot shower and fogging up the whole bathroom only to draw cartoons on the showerscreen

16. Sitting quietly with someone

15. Completing the supercrossword

14. Putting your new favourite song on repeat

13. Sleeping with one foot out from under the covers

12. Revisiting a book / comic from your childhood and finding it either just as good as you remember it, or discovering it’s really corny

11. Fireworks

10. When someone else holds your phone/keys/wallet in their handbag for you

9. When you eat something really messy and not spill any on your clothes

8. Hopping into bed when you’ve got clean sheets, even better when you’ve just shaved your legs

7. Being one of the first people to get up and dance at a function and seeing others join the dancefloor

6. Endorphins kicking in when you’re already doing something fun

5. Riding a rollercoaster with a friend and screaming and laughing at the same time

4. Learning something new and really interesting and seeing others just as excited as you about it

3. Doing a run to 7-11 for a Slurpee

2. Using a soap you pinched from a hotel from your holidays and the smell reminding you of your trip.

1. Hugs


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  1. You should post this somewhere else…you know where 😉

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