Time for the movies!

I have a 2 week break now from work and I haven’t planned any travels so now I have to do something else grand with my time… but what? One friend has challenged me to watch one film a night. So me being me and not being able to say no to a dare or challenge (and not really feeling like my arm is being twisted either) I’ve decided to take on the challenge. I’m going to throw myself a curveball too! Any film I watch that I’ve already seen, can’t count towards the challenge, so effectively this holiday break I will be watching 14 new films!

Bring… It…. On!

I’ve decided to share my adventure with my faithful blog readers. So stay tuned for insightful exciting updates! I will even try to do one live blog report of a film that I will watch (meaning I’ll watch it and comment on each scene as I see it).

The other day some friends and I were discussing memorable moments in films and I thought I’d try and list a top 10 ofmy most memorable moments in films. Please note there are some spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film, don’t read my memorable moment for that film!

L.J’s Top 10 Memorable Moments in Film

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – When Darth Vader removes his helmet at the end and father and son reconcile as the death star destructs around them… and we finally understand that evil people aren’t always evil.

Saving Private Ryan – The opening battle scene as the troops storm the beach and death is the main character… one moment that really shocks aside from the red water and the bodies dropping… is the moment when a soldier gets a hit to his helmet, in shock he reaches up and touches, only to then pull the helmet off to examine it… during which his unprotected head receives a second bullet that sees his head split open

Japanese Story – A fun swim in a lagoon turns to horrific tragedy when a dive into shallow water turns fatal, the intensity of the moment coupled with the screams and shocked panic from Sandy (Toni Collette) leave you staring opened mouth.

Japanese Story

Life is Beautiful – I love a lot of the memorable moments in this film but nothing beats the part when Guido tries again to impress the woman he’s in love with and kidnaps her from her engagement riding out of the building on a green horse.

The boy in stripped pyjamas – The moment when you realise that there’s not going to be a happy ending as Bruno makes a run back to the concentration camp to see his friend Shmuel fills you with dread and those final moments in the camp end up breaking everyone’s heart.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – The battle is nearing as Sauromon’s army approaches Helm’s Deep and you can feel the fear in the air as the men are either too old or too young for battle and far too few… then a horn is heard and in march a legion of Elves who move in perfect unison and inspire the men of Rohan. / also earlier on when King Theoden is broken out of the spell of Sauromon only to discover his son is dead… the moment after the burial scene when the king cries is heartbreaking.

LOTR: Two Towers

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Faramir and his men are overun in Osgiliath by Sauron’s monsters so they flee back towards Minas Tirith… as they flee they are attacked by a ring wraith and other evils… the people in Minas Tirith watch on the battlements in horror yet no one moves to aid them… Gandalf rides out on Shadowfax to rescue them and uses his staff to fend off the attack and save the last few soldiers.

V for Vendetta – Remember, remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot… V is an incredible force and watching this film makes you want to rail against the government or to at least stand up for who you are… to be free. My most memorable moment occurs at the end of the scenes where Evey is thrown into the cell after being processed which includes amongst other things having her head shaved. She’s dragged into interrogation one more time in an attempt to break her will and gather intelligence from her. The Scene reads:
Interrogator: I am instructed to inform you that you have been convicted by special tribunal and that unless you are ready to offer your cooperation you are to be executed. Do you understand what I’m telling you?
Evey Hammond: Yes.
Interrogator: Are you ready to cooperate?
Evey Hammond: No.
Interrogator: Very well. Escort Ms. Hammond back to her cell. Arrange a detail of six men and take her out behind the chemical shed and shoot her.
Guard: It’s time.
Evey Hammond: I’m ready.
Guard: Look all they want is one little piece of information, just give them something, anything.
Evey Hammond: Thank you, but I’d rather die behind the chemical sheds.
Guard: Then you have no fear any more. You’re completely free.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Chasing Sarah Connor through the corridors and watching her make a break for the elevator only to see the terminator step out of the elevator and her to hit the deck screaming in fear. Followed by when arnie get’s his glasses smashed by the orderly’s plaster arm and the approach of the T-1000 through the metal bar door.

The Color Purple – This film is incredible but the moment that really sticks in my brain is the final scene. When Celie realises who is walking towards her house and she screams and runs into the purple fields, I can’t think of another film ever that makes me cry as hard as that scene does.

The Color Purple

Yeah you’ve probably guessed from the list I do like my depressing movies šŸ™‚

So that’s my top 10 memorable film moments (I could have done a 25 but who wants to read that much?)

How about you all tell me YOUR most memorable film moment!


One Response to “Time for the movies!”

  1. lord, I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about the last scene in The Color Purple. That scene brings all kinds of emotions.

    I will watch this space, cool idea LJ šŸ˜€

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