Film Challenge Failure & Fortune


I set myself a seemingly achievable challenge for the recent holiday break… basically all I had to do was watch 14 films in 14 days… Real easy L.J…. or so I thought. One of my dear friends has been taking great delight in laughing at my attempt to scramble in with the final tally of…. 12. That same friend has told me that she can’t wait to read my blog post of fail so here it is! P.S I did actually manage to watch 14 films for the holiday break.. however I specified that for the challenge it had to be 14 films I had never seen before…

Fear not though! Even though I didn’t quite complete the challenge, and even though I didn’t manage to do a live blog post whilst watching a film… I did however watch some great films… and some… well let’s just say some  forgettable ones.

Now I bet you’re wondering what did I get round to watching… well let me share my mini wrap up review of each!

First I started with Rush Hour 3.

I love Jackie and I love Chris Tucker… but this third instalment wasn’t as great as the first two films but still relatively fun and Jackie still kicks serious butt!

Then at my good friend Evil Mel’s house we settled down to inhabited a weird little horror movie that has us laughing and making lame faces at each other. Things I learnt from this film is that lame horrors are best with a friend and that little kids with creepy cubby houses tend to have creepy imaginary friends.

Then I thought I’d catch a Liz Taylor film on tellie called Love is Better Than Ever… now whilst the title may have some truths to it, the film wasn’t anything I was going to love better than ever anytime soon. The male lead was annoying.

even Liz is unsure about the male lead...

So feeling a little down from not watching something that impressed me I decided to try The Men Who Stare At Goats and without risking the rolling of eyes by all my readers can I just say… I would have been better just staring at goats instead of watching this film. What is it with George Clooney and weird films these days?

So now I was really hurting… in the space of 24 hours I had watched two very forgettable films so I looked for all the films that had “hurt” in the title and came across The Hurt Locker a film I had been meaning to see but put off in fear that it would be another feel good American war movie made in the style that makes you feel like they’re trying to make you feel good about what they’re doing. So I started this film, and instead of the usual I got something entirely different, I got intense scene after intense scene as you follow the bomb squad around war torn streets. Lots of hand to mouth scenes without the political overtones.

The next day I sat with mum and watched a movie of her choice which was called Welcome Back Roxy Carmichael. A quirky funny movie about a small town getting excited about Roxy Carmichael coming back to visit them all.

Then it was on to Harry Brown. A film sold as the UK’s answer to Gran Torino… now all I’m saying is I would never mess with Eastwood’s Walt Kowalski and nor would I mess with Michael Caine’s Harry Brown. A stark, gritty, angry movie indeed.

Next it was time for an international film so I settled for Mongol. An epic movie about an epic historical person. This film charts the rise of Genghis Khan from boyhood to the mighty horse war lord that would go on to conquer most of Eurasia, in a span of just 25 years, Genghis Khan’s horsemen conquered a larger area and greater population than the Romans did in four centuries!! I’ve always been fascinated with the distinct different in how Genghis Khan is view from Western and Eastern Cultures… for some he is a barbarian warrior whose name means death… yet for others he was a legendary and just leader.
The film is incredible, it’s based on historical accounts and what was known of his early life.

Sticking with international films I picked up Curse of the Golden Flower. Operatic and dramatic! The Emperor (Chow Yun Fat) comes home from many years at war, only to find disorder in his own house. Lots of plots and intrigue between members of the royal household that leads to the shedding of tears and blood. Thrilling fight scenes and epic tragedy.

Inspired by the action in the last movie I decided it was time for some Wesley Snipes so I selected Game of Death. A simple heist gone wrong kinda movie. Not one of his better films but still a good recommendation to others instead of watching Die Hard 2 for the umpteenth time.

Next it was Hereafter, the Eastwood directed flick that has Matt Damon as someone who can converse with the dead. The film follows three seperate stories and they converge rather well… as only hollywood films can.

The last film I managed to scrape in was the remake of Fame. Whilst not as good as the original, it was still pretty darn good!

So I might not have made it to 14, but I certainly had fun trying to get there… here’s to next holiday break and a different kind of challenge perhaps!


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