Sorrow & Joy…

I’m back!

Life has gotten hectic lately but it’s been a great hectic! I made the decision some time last year that I was going to start doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but have held back from doing. It means that 2013 is going to be a selfish year, but it needs to be, I want to take back the reigns of my life for the better.
So January kicked off and my first move was to start inspecting houses I had marked online as “possible homes”. Something wonderful happened however… the very first house I inspected was like love at first sight… it ticked all the boxes of what I envisioned my home should have.

I’ve spent the entire of January sifting through paperwork and ensuring that the excitement of owning my own home will be successful.

The home to be!

The home to be!

The year hasn’t all been joy and excitement though, as usual in life whenever there is a time for joy, there is often a counter time for sorrow, and that came through the passing of one of my oldest and most loyal little friends.


Tika was about to turn 17 but at the start of Feb it was evident that she was slowing down. Everything was taking just a little bit longer to do, all except the speedy wag of her tail and the alert (although cataract heavy) watch she kept on me at all times. I’d come home from work ill only to discover that she had really slowed down and for the first time since I had known her… her tail didn’t wag. I called my local vet and was told I would need to wait an hour. So we stretched out on the floor together and just stared at each other. When the time came I only had to scoop her in my arms and hold her to me gently as I carried her to and from the car to the vet. We all knew what was going to happen the vet explained in her gentle voice the process and Tika just blinked at me with a look that told me that she knew what was coming and that she was okay.
I’m so glad I fell ill that day and that we could be together as she left for the great dog park in the sky. I took her home with a heavy heart, but I was at peace because I know that she had a long and wonderful life and that when the end arrived, I was there for her, watching her as she had always watched me. I have to say, even though I was at peace with her passing I was still heart broken. When you’ve had someone always there by your side who follows you unquestioningly wherever you go it’s horrible to come to the realisation that they’re no longer there. Sitting in the backyard without my little side kick just felt wrong.

We each deal with loss differently regardless of circumstance, however for this our family was of the same mind, it just felt wrong to be without a little dog in our lives. So whilst I took the time to grieve, mum trawled websites and stores for a puppy. I wasn’t sure I wanted to handle another little soul so soon, but when we went to take a peek at the little bundles on Saturday I saw a little girl in the corner of the window box. She was sleeping in the corner whilst the others were playing around her. I knew she was a little girl and I knew she was the one even before the lady at the store told me she was a little girl. Sometimes you just know…


So now she’s in her new little bed sleeping curled up with a Garfield for company. She doesn’t walk she bounces. She has a serious little face that appears to be considering what’s going on and it’s evident that she is an old soul which makes my heart sing even louder. It’s been so long since we’ve had a puppy in the house and all I can hear are happy sounds from everyone.

Happy Tidings to everyone!


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