A cool six!

It’s inevitable that I would end up doing a posting on websites or profiles to follow right? Well here it is! These are just 6 fun ones I’ve enjoyed following over the years.

Humans of New Yorkhony

My number 1 favourite thing on Facebook is following HONY (Humans of New York).

HONY is the collection of photos and conversations recorded by photographer Brandon. What you get by following his photos is an insight to the whole spectrum of life that inhabits New York. Through careful questions HONY gets a unique insight to the subject’s life or circumstance bringing them to life.

Burrard-Lucas Photographymeerkats

Beautiful wildlife photography is a nice thing to have pop up on your social media feed. Especially photos of meerkats sitting on the photographer’s camera. Check em out on any social media option: http://www.burrard-lucas.com/ 

My Milk Toof


These guys are super cute! They pop up whenever their human has time to photograph their antics but they’re worth waiting for due to their cuteness. Their adventures are awesome. http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com.au/

Historical Pics

historicalA constant steady twit feed of very cool old photos from a by-gone era. https://twitter.com/HistoricalPics Enough said.

The QI Elves


You know that fabulous quiz show hosted by the affable Stephen Fry? Ever wanted more weird and wonderful facts after watching an episode? Well then be sure to check out the cheeky elves and their constant research revelations. https://twitter.com/qikipedia

George Takei

takeiGeorge Takei has hit cult status online over the last several years and he doesn’t disappoint on Facebook. The page is run by his team and provide followers with a steady flow of funny photos, stories and a variety of geek related jokes and stories. A worthy addition to any social feed.

So what are your favourite people/websites to follow?


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