I’ve been thinking a lot about humanity these days… It seems the more ways we have to connect with one another, the less connecting we are actually doing. 

Having watched the first season of Westworld, I was reminded again of the many stories I’ve read over the years where artificial intelligence (A.I) in its attempt to adapt and make sense of the world around it always seemed to exhibit more humanity than the humans in the story… In fact the stark contrast between evolution of human creation and the devolution of humanity in humans is often a common theme. Is this simply that we don’t trust ourselves enough to believe we can evolve as fast as our technological advances, or are we aware of our underlying animalistic behaviours? 

Or… Are we simply responding to what we know of ourselves from what we witness our fellow humans doing? After all its very easy to believe that we are capable of losing our humanity when we see what’s happening in Aleppo right now. 

How can we accept the genocide of a people and still claim to hold onto our humanity? How do we reconcile with ourselves when we know that there are other humans fighting to survive? When our advancements in technology allow us to be witnesses to their goodbyes through social media and yet we do nothing. Are we held hostage by our technology which allows us to watch the fall of a society, have we reached a stage where we don’t know what to do so in our helplessness we simply share the images and hope someone with answers will see? Have we simply desensitised ourselves of the horrors that humans are capable of committing? 

I know there is good in the world. I see it in those who I connect with.  There is so much darkness in this year that I can only hope that its the darkness before dawn… and not the darkness before the storm. I’m not ready to invest my hope for humanity in machines, but if they can ultimately help us humans find our humanity again I’ll gladly accept it. Until someone gives me a better answer my answer will be to simply be kind, be kind, be kind. 


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