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Posted in Ramblings on September 20, 2016 by L.J

They hang on with tenuous grip, but they know soon that they will need to let go.

Some are brave and dramatically leap from their position, you can see them catch the air as they descend to their death.

Others slip, not quite ready to drop, but they have no choice, their grip having lost strength from holding on for too long releases them to skip through the air as they head towards the ground below.

Some hang on for as long as they can, it’s not that they’re afraid of their coming death, but that they love life just that bit more so they hang with all their might before taking their final plunge, their fall as spectacular as their life was.

Others are almost like soldiers, accepting in their duty, they leap in almost uniformed precision, making bold dives towards the earth, brazenly hurtling past others in their deadly drop.

For some, they have accepted this as their last act and are determined to provide the best performance of their short descent. They leap and reach for air currents that push them into different directions, they spin over and flutter their way down towards the ground.

Others are like lovers, reaching across the expanse of air as they float towards one another, to join in an embrace, some tangle together, others collide and then separate watching each other as they drift apart, all the while falling head over heel towards their death.

They hit the ground, one upon the other. Some land afar and some land side by side. They stretch and begin to curl their toes. They let out their last breath as they lay there in the pale autumn sunlight. They slowly seep into the soil below the trees that gave them life, even if was for a few short seasons.

Such is the life of leaves.